Saturday, June 13, 2009

Empty Pastures...Or so it seems

When I got home last night from delivering Thai and Classy, Mike hadn't fed the horses. So I moved the horses around, putting each of them in their own stall and run, and fed them their hay. Squirrel is currently in the little one, but she has access to the new "stall" in the barn. Mike and I built a 12x10 stall in the back corner of the barn in May, so that whoever is back there had a place to get out of the heat/cold, and it provided for more air flow.

I have chores today picking up poop in runs, which has mostly got neglected. So I turned the horses out on pasture, instead of feeding them hay. Then I stood in the driveway watching them horses, listening to the thunder of their hooves, with a silly smile on my face. Even people driving past the place slowed to a crawl and watched. As I walked in the house, something hit me...there are horses missing...

Mike wasn't home when Kali and I got back...he came in about an hour later. The first question he asked was "How was the trip?" The second question was "How many horses did you bring back?" He was actually surprised when I said "None"

I got to see Heddy's filly, who was born in April 2008, before I started this blog. She is SOOOO cute! She is very sweet and friendly, coming right butt for scratches! Her mom, Josie, has named her Macy and she is absolutely lovely!

So now I've eaten my English Muffin and drank my coffee. It's time to get started on the chores that will no doubt leave me sweaty, dirty, and completely happy at finally having clean pens!

Hug your ponies and Cathy, give my Little ThaiGRrrr and big hug!

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