Sunday, June 7, 2009

A weekend of ... well, not much, actually.

I had to work Friday, but I managed to get the lawn mowed. But I got hot and dehydrated, so I ended up going to bed early, after feeding the horses, with a headache. A complete waste of the evening.

Saturday - Kali graduated from High School! First thing in the morning, I straightened her hair (cuz she's only eighteen and can't do it herself yet - ptf!), pressed her gown, got myself ready and headed to the Paper Factory to get the decorations. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get things done! But hey, I work best under pressure, right?

Then I headed to my sister's house to decorate. Her house is lovely and better set up for "entertaining". When I was done, I came home. Kali was standing in the driveway in her shorts and bra, crying. Boomer and Larka had taken off and she needed to leave, and, and, and... I told her not to worry, I'd find them. The dogs were just down the street. Boomer hopped into the car eagerly, but Larka has never been in a car. So she didn't know about the "fun" of getting to "go". So I rolled down the window and called to her as she ran behind the car. Not to worry, we made it home fine.

Kali left as I pulled in, so I took the dogs in, changed my clothes, put the dogs in the kennel, and headed to the Toyota Center (our itty-bitty coliseum). We were supposed to get there early and save seats for 14 family members. I went down to where the students were staging, got Kali's keys, and made it back to the front in time to see my parents. We waited in line, and after a few minutes, Mike showed up. He'd gone "shopping" for Kali's present. (A VERY NICE "Coolpic" digital camera with touch screen!) After the ceremony, we went down to the floor to give the hugs with the rest of the 404 students' families... We left, but Kali's grandmother and biological father (aka - sperm donor - who has had NOTHING to do with either of the kids since 1996) had come and gave her a card and some money. Even "SD" gave her some cash. The fact that he had the balls to even show up surprised me.

We then went to Target on the way to my sister's. Mike had bought the gift, but nothing to wrap it in. Figures! Then I decided I needed to stop at Starbucks. Probably not the smartest thing for me to do. I got an Iced Vente quad, 3 pump Toffee Nut, 2 pump Vanilla, 3 pump mocha, with breve (half & half), no whip. It was sweet, and fattening, and had WAY too much coffee. My son ended up drinking about half of it while he "tasted" it, but still...

At 6 o'clock, I left the "party" to come home and feed. I was done celebrating and being anti-social around family, had had enough! My mothers cousin was there, which was nice for about 20 minutes, then she started talking about her husband's coloscopy. swell...time to bail! So I passed out "Thank You's" and left. By the time I was done feeding, I had a headache. And because of all the coffee, I couldn't sleep. I remember seeing 2:00 am on the clock next to the bed.

Kali came home from the Senior Party around 4:30 am, which of course woke the dogs, who then had to go out to potty. I still had a headache. I went back to bed and Mike got me up to feed the horses at 8:00 am. (I don't suppose he could have just done it for me...) I decided I'd just turn them out for the day, came back in to get some coffee, since I was already up. I made it to about 10:30 before I went in to take a "nap". Now, at 4:35, I feel like I just might survive. I managed to tape off another "pen" so that I can move some horses around. In another hour, the "rodeo" of moving horses around will begin...

I hope your weekend was better than mine. It would have been great, except for the headache!

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