Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's so hard to say "Good-bye"

Thai and Classy are leaving me this Friday. They are being returned to their "moms".

Kali and I will leave first thing Friday morning and make the four hour drive to the west side, drop off the girls, and then return the same day. (or night)

I have really enjoyed having them here, especially Thai. She is such a nice mare! She is the horse I wish ALL my horses could be. Sweet, affectionate, tolerant, patient, and kind. She even stops chewing if I go into her stall to doctor a boo-boo or check her over. How sweet is THAT??!!!

Nikki - if you already sent a check, I'll send it back when I get it. If you haven't sent it, don't. How is the new filly coming along? Filling out and growing?

drsgjunky - FINNALLY got our finish mower. GEEZ it makes a lot of noise! Did you set yours to the highest setting for the pasture?

General Updates - Bullwinkle is covered in poop! I picked up his pen so he'd maybe stay clean. He pooped, then laid in it for a nap. BABIES!!!

Angel is recovering nicely from being kicked. It's all scabbed over nicely and healing. I love T-Zone Cream!

Honey is locked off pasture. She is too fat!

Jazzy and Squirrel - they're fine. Nothing new to report.

Millie - Gosh but she's looking nice! She still "little" (as compared to the other horses) but WOW!!!

Beauty parlor day sometime this weekend, if the weather holds and my head doesn't explode.

All the chores that didn't get done are going to get done this weekend also. The immense poop pile will get moved to the arena and turned under. The waterers will get cleaned. Residual poop in the runs will get picked up. The mats in the barn will get swept. SO MUCH to do...

Hug your horses and be thankful for each day! It's a blessing!


Drsgjunky said...
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Drsgjunky said...
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Drsgjunky said...

Those are my two deletes.

This is the mower I purchased.

Mine isn't terribly loud but I only run the tractor at 1800RPMs while mowing. That's about half the recommended speed. It seems to cut everything just fine.

Which one did you buy?

Karen V said...

This is the owner's manual...