Friday, June 26, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Today is my Friday off and though it's only 11:00 am, I've been dang buisy doing chores. I've mowed the lawn, vacuum the bedroom and bathroom, cleaned the bathroom and the toilet, stripped the bed and washed the sheets, washed the bathroom rugs and hung them outside to dry, and washed the sliding glass window.

WHEW! I'm exhausted!

I still have more laundry to do and I need to pick up poop.

There's a barrel race to the saddle club one street over that I can ride to in like 5 minutes. I might just ride Squirrel over and dink around in the arena. She's been on the pattern like 3 times EVER and isn't ready to enter, but she needs ridden. So I think I'll do that tonight.

My sweet little Barbie Doll is coming to visit me for the weekend. She'll be here Saturday around noon. (Or earlier) WOOT! I can't wait! We're gonna try to ride at least once. I'm also going to try to talk her into cinching up Millie. My daughter has a video option on her camera, so I want to get the first reaction!! She's had the saddle on her back, but that's it. No cinching. After all, she is only two. But it's time to start saddling and ponying.

I also got work that Nikki and Chad are getting close to making a trip through the area. They helped out this spring with feed and supplement for Thai. So I'll finally get to meet them!

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