Monday, July 6, 2009

You know it's hot when...

GEEZ!!! 80 degrees feels cool! Over the weekend, it was 102! It was SO HOT!!!

I turned the horses out and turned on the sprinklers. All the horses grazed under the sprinklers to stay cool. This morning, it was much cooler and the high so far today is 84 degrees!

My son brought his family over and my grandson, Asher, got to play in his new pool.

Larka, who is now Maya, went to live with Barb O. I think it's a great match. Barb has been saying wonderful things about her so far. Today was Maya's first day home alone, so we'll see how many shrubs are dug up. Barb? Anything to report?

The 4th of July was HOT, and though we could see the fireworks, they pretty much sucked. We live only a mile from the stadium, and they shoot fireworks off at the end of every home game. (They play minor league baseball up there) So the horses are used to the noise, etc. They stood at the barn and I swear I heard them say "Oooh! Aaah" All except Angel...she napped through it. Just another day on the farm for her.

Not much else is happening around here. It's just been too hot. I haven't picked up poop since the last time - a month ago or so. I might get ambitious tonight and ride one of my horses. And I might not.


Barb Ollivier said...

Larka/Maya is doing great!! First day alone at home was fine, no visible damage to shrubs. She's been great, a good companion. She scared the holy crap outta me last night though, when she decided to bark her head off at about 1:30am!! She has a Big Dog Bark, for sure!! I think she heard another dog barking and tried to answer. She did it a couple more times, I closed the window hoping she couldn't hear the other dog, and that worked! She's been a real sweetheart and I love her!!

Karen V said...

Well at least she's on alert! She was guarding "her people" from the vicious neighborhood dog! At least you know no one will be able to sneak in and "get you!"