Sunday, June 14, 2009

My timing sucks!

Yesterday, we turned the horses out on pasture, washed all the vehicles, including the horse trailer, and picked up all the runs.

I always feel so much better then the runs are clean, even if it's just for a few hours. It was 85 degrees and we were sweaty and dirty and gross by the time we were done.

We showered and napped. Then last night around 7:30, I got a wild hair up, well, you know where, and pulled Jazzy out. I clipped her bridle path, saddled her up and took her for a spin in the arena.

Now for the timing sucks part...

This morning, it's 70 degrees and overcast. And we'll probably get rain. I should have saved the outside chores for today!

The neighbor has her "boys" cleaning her pasture, picking up poop and creating a pile behind my barn. We just moved the last of it out to the arena yesterday. RAWR! I will be so glad when she moves...a couple more months...

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