Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This subject is two-fold...

First, we moved the furnature and vacuumed under it. The couch. The loveseat. The tables. EEEWW!! Gross!! I didn't know we were such pigs!

Second, I dewormed the horses. I used something different than I usually do, but it was apple flavored. I had to set each tube and put it in my sweatshirt pocket so they couldn't see what was coming. Once I'm ready, I pull the cap and poke it in their mouth so they can't fuss until WHAMO - it's already in.

Honey was first. Then Bullwinkle. He was on a feed through daily wormer and to my knowledge, has never had the pleasure. He only toss his head once, but that was because I missed his mouth and poke him in the lip. All in all, he took it pretty well.

Then on to Angel. She had her lips clamped shut, but I won in the end. Millie know what was coming. Of everyone, she was the the moving-est target.

Squirrel had no clue. I wonder if they deworm ranch horses. Then Jazzy was last. I had the tube in her mouth and the paste on her tongue before she realized what was happening. Her reaction though, was the funniest. She was actually wiping her mouth on the ground. Sort of defeats the purpose, but hey, it was funny.

I keep thinking my friend Barb O is coming for the weekend, but she's ignoring me, so maybe she got a better offer.

Nikki and Chad are going to drop in soon. They won't get to see Thai, but they will get to meet the rest of the gang.

By the way, Cathy said she rode Thai bareback with just a halter, and Thai was PERFECT! How cool is that??


fuglyhorseoftheday said...

I should have those pictures up soon (the bareback ones) - finally got the cable to go with my new camera.

Dontyouridenofuglyhorse said...

Bullwinkle was dewormed monthly with tube wormer as a baby.