Saturday, January 31, 2009

MOVING DAY!!!! (well for the horses anyway)

Mike and I spent 7 hours cleaning stalls and runs today. My back is KILLING me!

The hardest part was cleaning the cesspools that were Thai's and Classy's stalls. Good lord, those two didn't potty ANYWHERE except in the stall. It was sloppy and sloggy, and stinky. I had to totally strip both stalls! YUCK! Once done, I put up panels to keep horses out because both stalls need to dry out before I can put clean dirt back in.

So, Honey and Thai moved into the arena. Although they've never even been neighbors, they got along right away.

Classy moved to the outdoor pen on the back of the barn. She's protected from the wind, but has no overhead protection. I'm not too worried about it since we have very little precipitation and the little bit that we have had, she been standing out in it anyway.

Angel went back into her old stall, which was occupied by Jazzy while Angel was in the arena with Squirrel. Dobbs and Millie stayed put. Squirrel and Jazzy are now in Thai and Classy's former runs, and share a water tub.

It was a beautiful day! For most of it, I worked only in a sweatshirt. We picked up 25 3-string bales of hay at 4 pm, then went to supper. We off loaded the hay once we got back.

The GOOD news is....our hay guy said that hay will be around $160/ton this year! YEA!!! We just might be able to feed all our horses AND pay our bills! pictures of Classy until next weekend!

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