Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I know I said, but...

I know I said I was going to get pictures, but I didn't. No reason in particular, just didn't.

Classy is really gaining weight, even without having her teeth done. She is on two pounds of Strategy each feeding, and pretty much free access to alfalfa pellets. She decided that she didn't like it soaked and mushy. Apparently she wasn't too hungry, because it was all flung out on the floor. So we went back to the dry pellets.

She LOOKS pretty good. It's because her coat is so fluffy. I can still feel her ribs, but not as much as before.

Tonight, her topline looked awesome, until I looked closer. The hair along her spine lays down, and on either side, it sort of curls up, giving the impression of a smooth topline in the dim light of the barn.

I WILL get photos this weekend. It'll be two weeks since she arrived. I'm going to try to replicate the "poses", so you have a before and after from the same view and angle to compare.

The vet comes on Friday to float her teeth and check on her uterine infection.

The farrier declined to trim her feet, saying he'd only have to rasp a little, and that she could wait 3 weeks or so.

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