Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday - Day of the never ending chores

Mike and I get to spend our Sunday repairing the automatic waterers, trying to figure out why the heaters aren't working. We're thinking that there just so much gunk down at the bottom, that it is inhibiting the heater. The barn will surely smell like a rotting swamp! But we have replacement heaters and the schematics just in case!

I'm sure we'll find lots of other chores to keep us busy! I just can't think of anything right off the top of my head.

One thing we plan to do is go for a walk. We'll take a couple of horses with us. They need exercise just as much as we do!

Classy nickers every time the back door opens. I just love it! Her teeth are so bad that she is not eating flake hay. I think is what mostly contributed to her weight loss. So, I put her on 8 pounds of alfalfa pellets, 4 pound of Purina Strategy, and 1 pound of Purina Amplify per day. Already her loose poop has firmed into normal "apples".

In the paperwork that her former owner filled out, she said that Classy was a cribber. I have seen no evidence of that. She either eats, or stands keeping an eye on Thai. She is in an open sided barn with an 80 ft dry lot runout.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she was just really hungry and wood pulp was a diet staple?

Karen V said... sad is that? Either that or she's too busy actually EATING to have time to crib. One thing that is certain, she CAN'T eat flake hay. Her teeth are just too bad! In fact, she picks it apart and eats the leaves off, leaving more than half on the ground. She has access to alfalfa pellets all day, so I won't even waste the flakes anymore. Her poop has firmed up, so there's no danger of scours.

verylargecolt said...

I think it is SO CUTE that she and Thai have bonded. Maybe they knew each other on the track - they are about the same age!