Friday, January 23, 2009

Classy - Update PICS ARE UP!!

Classy on arrival.

Classy today.

Tubby, erm, Thai today


Bear in mind it's 25 degrees and snowing...

Fecal sample collected. The vet will let me know the status,

She checked her teeth and said that her teeth weren't "that" bad, no sharp points, no ulcers in her mouth. Definitely a cribber at some point in her past - her upper front teeth are just nubs. Vet wants to wait until we have warmer weather to float. Her fingers get so cold - to the point where she can't feel what she's doing.

Vet did a pelvic exam. She couldn't feel anything that would suggest a uterine infection or problem. Classy has been expressing liquid for at least a week. Vet suggested that with health will come resolution. She also wanted to wait and see.

The vet suggested I continue the feed program that Classy is on - alfalfa pellets, Strategy, Amplify.

No pics yet....I'll let you know.


ilcowgirl07 said...

Just trying to post one more time!

Karen V said...

YEA!!! It worked!