Friday, January 23, 2009

Even an 18 yr old....

I will update with information about Classy later, I promise, but I wanted to share something with you.

I was sitting here reading Joe's Blog, TBFriends. He didn't have his main daily post up yet, but he did have pictures of 4 statkes winners up with a little writeup about each one. One was exceptionally skinny and photographed as he came off the trailer.

My 18 yr old daughter, Kali, came in and saw the picture and said, "I hate when people do that. There's no reason for a horse to be that skinny!" I read Joe's writeup to her and told her that all the horses had been dumped and that Joe had probably paid no more than $400 a piece for them. That their owners had just dumped them. She said,

"That's because it's all about money."

How sad that she is right! That she can be mostly non-horsey and still have that insight. She used to have her own horse, a sweet little granny arab named C-Bey Real we put down 3 years ago when she started falling down and walking into walls. Since then, she's ridden a few times, but the passion for them died when her mare died.

I find it interesting that she can have this insight. These horses owners know, but just DON'T CARE. And horses suffer.


kerrie said...

Glad I was reminded of your blog, Karen! Looking forward to reading updates on Class and Thai.

I can relate to your daughter losing interest after her Arab died. My 14-1/2 year old daughter doesn't have the love for horses like her obsessive mom. Sadley, she lost her little Arab mare, Twitterpation, last Fall. I'm worried that her new horse just isn't going to cut the mustard and she will lost interest. I'm sure hoping they will click because we've had so many good times riding together and it's the one thing we have in common.

Kali said...

Well yeah mom, I have that insight cause it's plain as the nose on your face... people spend lots of money for a great baby to bring up on the race tracks and shows, and once their old or hurt they're dumped off at some pasture with nothing to do or set in a barn where they are often neglected. Those people don't pay money for the love an actual horse lover and a real pet horse share, they're greedy and they want in it for the money they may make. There just aren't enough you's out there to take them all in, so many end up in the aweful conditions of the picture I saw. The best we can hope for these horses is that through the real horse lovers of the world these neglected horses can find loving homes where they will be treated with love and be truely taken care of the way they should be.

You're going to read this and walk to me and be like "kali why cant you always be this smart" I really am... you guys just dont take the time to really listen lol. Read my blog =]

Disneyland Lover 888 said...

haha this should help you get to my profile... im not good at this yet. Love you