Saturday, January 17, 2009

One of those weeks...

You know, I could have posted daily updates about Classy and/or Thai, but each day would just be a repeat of the day before. They're eating, they're pooping, they're feeling better, they're looking better. You know, same thing, different day.

Our "Spring" weather has disappeared and we are now back to winter. 28 degrees, freezing fog, scattered snow flurries. Ok FINE! With the fog, the humidity is up and it seems to go right through you.

On New Year's Eve, while I was staying to "watch her", my gramma got up in the dark to go to the bathroom and fell and broke her other hip. She's broken the first hip right before Thanksgiving. The surgery went well, and she's in a rehabilitation home, but she has seriously deteriorated mentally. She is combative and mean mouthed. This is SO NOT my gramma, who has always been the proper southern lady. She took a swing at the physical therapist with a one pound dumb bell in her hand. *sigh* Oh well, what are you going to do? Paddle a 94 year old very frail woman? I think not.

So I stay away, visiting only once a week. It hurts my heart to see her like this. I didn't visit my grampa before he died because I didn't want to see him old, bent, and feeble. I wanted to remember him as he had alway been to me: strong, ageless, and totally in love with me.

Yesterday (Friday), a truck turned in front of my son and his family in an intersection and Josh hit the bed of the truck. It dented the rear quarter-panel of the truck. It totalled by son's Grand Prix. The airbags deployed - THANK GOD!! Josh came out unscathed. My grandson as scared, but unhurt. My daughter-in-law fared worse...the airbag kicked her butt! She has a black eye, a fat lip, and bruises from the seatbelt. They all declined to go to the hospital, though I think that at least Tiffany should have. She's going to be REALLY sore today and tomorrow. The driver of the truck got a ticket, and it'll be his insurance that pays. Tiff will probably need chiropractor work in the weeks to come. But, they were very lucky!

Honey and Dobbs spent the week in the arena. It seemed if they weren't napping or eating, they were pacing, in constant motion. Though they each had a buddy, they didn't like being away from the herd. Self-exercising!! BONUS!!!

One day this week, it occurred to me...Thai is getting fat! I ran my hand over her fuzzies to make sure that it wasn't an illusion. Nope! She getting fat! Now if we can just get the leg swelling down. My plan is reclip her leg and take a closer look. She is so good about being handled! I really love this mare! Cathy is going to have to thumb wrestle me to get her away from me! EVERYONE should have a horse like this!! If they did, there wouldn't ever be an auction or kill buyer! No one would ever part with their horses!

Classy has had the blanket on for several days straight now. I need to pull it off and give her a good brushing, and make sure that there aren't rub spots on her hips. I'm sure there are because they stick out so far. I also don't want to rub the hair off the top of her butt or whithers. I'll try to get new pictures and put them up on my Photobucket account. For whatever reason, my home computer can't upload them into blogger. It really annoys me!!!


This is a charity set up to help horse people who saved their horses, but lost their hay in the 2009 Flood. Not everyone has a hay loft where they can store their hay. I know I don't. As such, any hay under water was lost! If you have a couple extra dollars, or can stand to skip that 12 pack of Pepsi, please consider donating.

Save A Forgotten Equine

SAFE is supporting Classy's care, but they have taken on several horses that were much worse condition. Horses that needed to spend time at the vet for fear they would crash. Horses so skeletal that they couldn't regulate their own body temperature. Please consider donating to SAFE as well.

Thanks for reading and be sure to hug your horses!


hope4more said...

Oh my word! I am glad your son and his family are okay. You have had quite a weekend :( I am sorry to hear about your Grams too. That is sooooo hard. BIG HUGS to you from me and my boys.

moosefied said...

I am also sorry to learn about your grandmother. I hope things get a little bit easier, or quieter for you! Bullwinkle sends a hug, too.

Karen V said...

Gramma is doing fine. She's in a rehabilitation home. She is NOT doing what the doctor says, though. She's getting up in the night on her own still, even though she has an alarm pad that goes off when the pressure is taken off. She already "slithered" getting out of the wheel chair. (Her words, not mine. She's not supposed to bend past 90 degrees, yet she tries to. She took a swing at the Physical Therapist with a dumb bell in her hand. She is NOT who she used to be. If she were to see herself from 10 years ago, she'd be mortified. sigh... I'm still waiting for a break in the weather. More of the same for the next week - 30 degrees, north wind @ 3 mph, ovecast low clouds. BLAH!