Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day Two - Getting to know you, sort of...

I found last night that Honey's blanket will fit Classy. She's actually bigger than she looks. Also, in the pictures, she doesn't look too bad, but in persn, she looks a LOT worse. I'll try to get more photos and post them.

Classy stood like a princess while I put the blanket on and adjusted the straps. Not so much as a flinch. Then this morning, I fed everyone and while she was eating, I removed the blanket. Again, no reaction. It was like she's been at this for a long time.

She is doing well and has settled in nicely. She has already attached herself to Thai, her next door neighbor. Between the two of them, there has been no squealing or posturing. Just polite curiosity.

To Classy, (and of course the rest of the herd) I am now the Girl-Who-Gives-Grub. She nickered for her supper. It sure didn't take her long.

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