Friday, January 9, 2009

Class Act aka Classy

The trip went well and Classy is safe here at my place, the place she'll call home for the next six weeks or so.

When we got there, the couple that was surrendering her were in the yard waiting. I parked the truck and Mike and I got out. I gave the gal the paperwork to fill out, while Mike chit-chatted about her goats. The husband, tried to catch Classy, with no luck. She wanted NOTHING to do with him. So he backed off and Classy calmed down, but stood off a little way. I walked out to Classy and petted her.

She was fine with me petting her neck, but when I moved my hand to scratch her chest, she pinned her ears. When I removed my hand, her ears immediately came forward. I told Classy in a low voice, "If you want out of here and moved to a place where you'll be fed, you might want to cooperate." I walked over to the husband, who was holding the halter about 30 feet away.

I walked with the halter back to Classy and she stood quietly while I put on the halter. When I walked her to the gate, the husband said "She doesn't like men. She was probably abused by them before she came here. She's never liked me." Well, ok.

I walked her to the trailer where I proceeded to stuff cookies in her face. She got the "Cookie slobbers", which cracked me up!

When the woman was done with the paperwork, she and Mike walked to the trailer to help me load. Classy stood at the back of the trailer, sniffed around, put one foot up, then lowered it back to the ground. She didn't budge. Just stood. Mike went and got a little "boppy stick" and tapped her on the butt and the back of the legs. Nothing. No reaction.

So I shacked down on her lead rope a couple times to back her up and get her attention, then led her forward and she walked right in. The gal had said that it took HOURS to load her when she first picked her up. She also said that Classy would need an experienced rider because she's so spooky. From what I've observed so far, Classy had her bluffed!

She rode quiet on the drive back, and stood quietly in the trailer while we moved horses around. She unloaded easily, followed on a loose lead, and stood quietly while I removed the halter. She then dove into the feed I put out for her.

She's a dark bay with a little bit of white on her forehead. She looks like a smaller version of Honey. Surprisingly, her feet aren't too bad. Her toes are long in the back, but I've seen a LOT worse.

She is desperate need of having her teeth done. There's a picture in her album at the link above that shows her poop in the trailer. Does she even HAVE any teeth??? Dental work will be done in a couple of weeks.

Classy is in the pen right next to Thai, who by the way was doing the "new-horse-on-the-farm" arch and flag. If was good to see Thai feeling so good!

Dobbs and Honey were moved out to the arena, where they'll live for the next 6 weeks or so. They ran around for little bit, then settled down, trying to figure out what was up.

As I said before, I am fostering Classy for SAFE and they are bearing all the costs. While she is not as critical as some of their horses, I'm sure SAFE will appreciate any help you are willing to give.

There will be regular updates on both Thai and Classy, so keep checking back!

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