Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aaaahh...THAT'S better...

Cathy made a comment that she thought that perhaps Joy had ulcers, in addition to her other multiple issues. I mentioned it to my neighbor and as luck would have it, she had most of a gallon of Uncle's Sport's Agenda Gut Protector Plus left in her garage that she wasn't going to use. I offered to buy it from her, but she said "No." THANK GOD! A gallon costs $150!!

So Miss Joy started it tonight. With all the stuff I'm throwing at her, she can't HELP but get healthy!

I've got the SLH Worm Foe and the SLH Bright Eyes on it's way, so she'll start on that as soon as it gets here. (I'm thinking Saturday!)

The Worm Foe is a daily wormer that does a slow kill of parasites, so as not to shock her system. The Bright Eyes is basically nutrition for her eyes.

Joy is pacing less, but still hasn't laid down to rest.

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