Monday, June 23, 2008

Hmmm...What next?

I actually saw Joy lope. I had taken Angel for a ride out on the trail and before I left, I opened Joy’s gate to the pasture. When I returned from my ride, Joy saw us, whinnied, then loped up to the barn. She has buddied up with Angel and seems a lot more relaxed when Angel is locked off pasture. I would like to turn them out together, but with the kicking behavior that Joy has displayed, I don’t dare. The other night, joy was raising a ruckus because she knew Angel was out there, but she couldn’t see her. So I brought Angel up to the barn and locked her gate, seeing how we wanted to sleep.

Her front left ankle is still swollen and after her loping display, she was definitely lame on it. I gave her some B-L Solution to make her a little more comfortable. That's what I love about that stuff, you can feed it day after day and not worry that it will cause damage to the stomach lining like bute will.

Another I noticed that concerns me is that Joy will squat and push. It’s different than a “squat and pee” posture. She actually pushes, like she’s trying to pass something, but nothing comes out. Initially, I though perhaps Joy was in heat, but she’s only next to another mare now that I’ve moved her. She also does it when she’s alone and Angel is way out on pasture.

Thinking that there may be some kidney issues going on, I took Joy off the SLH Liver Cleanse and put her on the SLH Kidney.

I’m anxious for the SLH Bright Eyes to arrive. I’d like to see how Joy improves on it.

Joy is “fed up” enough now that she’s getting picky with her feed. If I want her to eat something, I have to give her that and only that, otherwise she won’t eat it. I also have to have her on the hungry side, or she’ll walk away from it.

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