Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Someone ease my worried mind...

I feel so bad for Joy.

When I checked on her just now, her front right ankle is swollen. She may have done it when she jumped out of the trailer. She seem to limp a little bit, but to my uneducated eye, it could be the left hind, which has an old injury. It concerns me!

I scratched her ichty spots, which are still greasy from the MTG. She was totally digging that!

One more thing has come up with Joy after observing her more... I haven't seen her lay down and rest. She rolled once that I saw, though it doesn't appear that she has since. But she doesn't lay down. Once VLC's blog is a link about Saving Argus (Read about him here: http://savingargus.blogspot.com/)

Could it be that Joy is the same? In that she doesn't sleep? Is she in so much pain that she DOESN'T lay down? This really concerns me.


fuglyhorseoftheday said...

I have never seen her lie down, but she will readily get down and roll and get back up, so I don't think it's pain that prevents her from doing it. I think it is sheer nerves. She has trouble really relaxing. Even in the field with friends, she is the one who is always on watch - like the herd stallion.

I do wonder sometimes if we aren't dealing with ulcers - she just seems like the type.

Karen V said...

Ulcers - I can deal with that! I can fix that right up. I also have something that will calm her little pea brain!

And what's with the "Word Verification" crap? How do I turn that off?

hope4more said...

Yeah I am glad you got a blog up! I saw the pic you sent me this morning, poor Joy. She landed in good hands with both you and Cathy (Fugs). I will be looking forward to seeing how the restoration of Joy proceeds.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

It is in the settings somewhere...I know I had to find it too when I set up the VLC blog. Pain in the butt!