Thursday, June 26, 2008

SPA DAY...sort of.

I came home from work and cleaned stalls and runs. I have tomorrow off and didn't want to spend my weekend free time cleaning stalls. It's supposed to be in the 90s on Friday, 100 on Saturday, and 104 on Sunday. Yup...I think summer just might finally be here. (Candice - it's headed your way)

After I was done and had eaten a bowl of CapN Crunch (MY FAVORITE!) I got the rubber nubby stripper and worked Joy over. I got a surprising amount hair off her top line. It's like she's still letting go of her winter coat. Then I took a brush and got her all cleaned up.

I'm back to thinking that she's still got a fungus thing going on. She's got the "gunk" under her mane. It's a LOT like Honey had that didn't go away until I roached her mane. Her bald spots on her shoulders have new baby hair growing in.

I found a new sore on her belly, just behind where the cinch would go. It looks like she's been biting at it. I found a WONDERFUL belly sore sealer that keeps the flies away for days at a time. Vicks Vapo Rub! Cheap. A little goes a LONG way! And it's "medicated". I'm going to put it on under her mane and see if it doesn't help her out there. If nothing else, she'll be able to breathe better. (LOL! That's a joke!) (Well I thought it was funny)

She also has a sore on the point of her hip. I'm not sure what this is from. Biting, maybe?

There's a product that someone recommended for itchy skin called Calm Coat. I'm going to look for it tomorrow and at least read the label.

There was an oil slick on Joy's water, so she's still itching where I put the MTG. It's helping but she's still itchy. I thought about giving her another bath, but feel that it will just dry her skin out. Maybe Shoulder to Shoulder dandruff shampoo would work. I'm wracking my tiny pea brain trying to figure something out that will give her some relief. I feel so sorry for her.

She has calmed down a LOT! She doesn't pace nearly as much and isn't freaking out when I enter another stall. This poor girl has a LIST of issues that need resolved. Unfortunately, I don't have one miracle pill to give her and fix it all at once. I'm just tackling one issue at a time before I move on to the next issue.

So just HOW did Joy get into this mess? First of all, she's been a broodmare. Good ONLY for producing babies. Each baby took more of her reserves, depleting her body mineral storage, taking calcium and other minerals from her bones and tissues. Without FEEDING extra minerals during gestation, the mare just got further and further depleted. For broodmares, hay and water is NOT enough!

As the years passed and the babies were born, Joy's body just couldn't take it anymore without displaying some symptoms. Allergies is most probably a result of a compromised immune system. She had lice and rain rot, also an indication of poor immunity. She is experiencing problems with her eye sight. Malnutrition is the likely culprit. She doesn't need HAY. She needs supplements! Minerals and vitamins.

I occurred to me that she's probably been in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) for most of her life. This has significance because the PNW is NOTORIOUS for being selenium deficient! I'm picking up a selenium supplement tomorrow. Luckily, it's relatively inexpensive. A shot from the vet would be best, but he wouldn't give it without running a blood panel. I don't have that kind of money to put into this mare, and even double dosing a feed through, I won't be able to overdose her. But it will help tons if she is deficient in selenium.

Joy has a lot of problems. But I think they can be fixed. Joy CAN be restored.

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