Saturday, June 21, 2008


Joy got a bath today. It's about 90 degrees, and I found some shampoo that is Antimicrobial, Antifungal, and Antibacterial. A triple shot is case any of those are still living on her skin. I soaped her up and let it sit before rinsing.

Then I squeegied it off and rubbed plain yogurt into her wet coat. I smooshed it in making sure it made it down to her skin.

She is eating really good! Pretty much not stop. I keep SOMETHING in front of her at all times. I do see little slobbered hay balls come out of her mouth when she eating hay, so Cathy's call that she needs some dental work is right on spot! It'll probably happen on July 11th, as that's the soonest I can get the gal up here to work on her. After that, I think she'll have a much easier time eating.

I locked Joy out of the barn. She was just too dang messy. Her stall was becoming a cesspool., with flies and gnats and the smell. Since then, she hangs out in the shade of the barn, but will also walk up to the gate to squeal at Angel. I haven't seen her kick at her in a few days, so that's good news. She was beating the crap out of the stalls.

Joy is very friendly and sweet. She likes attention, mostly scratching her itchy spots, but she also seemed to enjoy her bath. She stood quietly and didn't flinch when I turned on the water and started spraying her. She arched her neck as if it actually felt good to her.

One thing I noticed, is that her "butt hair" (the hair over the top of her butt from the flanks back to the tail head) really holds onto the dirt and sand. That's goes for all horses, for that matter.

I'm expecting the SLH Bright Eyes and Worm Foe today, so she will start on the supplements with this evening's feed.

UPDATE: The yogurt dried and for now Joy looks white and flakey. It looks HORRIBLE! She'll get rinsed tomorrow. I think she actually felt better with the MTG, so I'll reapply that tomorrow.

She was actually looking spunky this evening, whinnying for the other horses out at the end of the pasture. She paces like a horse that can't see. Along the fenceline, never up the middle.

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