Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Joy gets a workout

It's really simple to exercise Joy. I simply take a horse away from the barn. Or as easy as walking into a stall with a halter. Leave the stall or return the horse, she settles down.

She is still very itchy, though I think some of it is relieved by the MTG. I noticed her doing something very strange tonight. She was using one back foot to itch the back of the other back leg. Kind of like when you pick up your foot and use the top of it to scratch the back of your calf. It was really strange. I've never seen a horse do that before.

The horse I took away form the barn was Kaci. The big bay gelding former jumper I picked up for the cost of fuel. He's got the prettiest long floating extended trot. Now all I have to do is work up the courage to ride it....

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