Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It was a very quiet evening. It was beautiful out, no wind, high, wispy clouds. And...I didn't ride. I didn't even pull anyone out of the barn. No excuses, I just didn't.

Joy is looking great! She's put on weight and I noticed tonight that even her top line is filling in.

I continue with the GOBS of feed, the supplements and all that. She just looks good. She was actually very relaxed tonight. The neighbor worked one of her horses and Joy looked, but was quiet. Not even so much as a nicker.

Two more days until I can open up the pasture again for grazing during the day.

I wish I could figure out how to get pictures to upload. May have something to do with my daughter streaming....

I guess I'll go to bed early.


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Hi-sorry to pop in like this-but I read your comment on FUGLY about Redman's stifle problems and we are experiencing the same problems with my daughter's show horse. He strides short on his left hind, wears out quickly and when stressed stands stretched out. Also his stifle's pop horribly sometimes. I was wondering if you had had a chiropractor work on Redman? If so-did it help? I am at a lose on what to do with this guy and he is just way too good a horse for my daughter to give up on. He is on grass hay, beet pulp, rolled oats, soybean meal and gets an A-Z vitamin supplement, basic mineral and a joint repair supplement as well. We also administer a cod liver oil/Orange juice mixture orally that does seem to help a little.
Feel free to pop over to my blog and leave any suggestions that you have. Anything I can learn about that has worked for other people would really help.
Thanks -BECG

Karen V said...

BECG - Hi there! I'm too new to working on my own blog to be able to figure out how to get to your without the link. Sorry.

I've only have Redman since May 24. Your daughter's horse "He strides short on his left hind, wears out quickly and when stressed stands stretched out." Redman too.

I've never had this problem before. So I'm learning also.
Here's what I know -

Stifle problems are usually in the small muscles in the butt. Not the big strap over the top and down the back, but in the hollow below the hip and makes up the "side" of the butt. Does that make sense?

Exercises to strengthen the stifle are:

*Walking uphill
*LOTS of backing
*Long trotting
*Hip disengagement - any controlled movement where he needs to either step forward and out or step forward and across. Any lateral (side to side) movement.
*Slow, gentle stretching of the hoof forward and down. It'll be very sore. Small moves, hold, release, set down, repeat.

It's like a hamstring pull (sort of). Very sore, long, slow recovery, but recoverable and not always career ending, depending on your discipline. Flat work (WP or EP or Trail riding) are perfectly fine. I'm still learning about it.

I give B-L Solution daily in grain and just before working with him. (B-L stands for Bute Less) It's Devil's Claw, Yucca, and something else (sorry, I can't remember). It's easier on his stomach and can be given long term. (NOT for pregnant mares!)

Send me the link to your blog and I'll post there any new information I get.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I am at But you can get to anyone's blog from your comment section by clicking on their name and it will take you to my profile. The blog name is at the bottom of the profile and you can click on that and it will take you to the blog main page.
Thats how I found you-LOL.

Thanks-sorry it took me a couple of days to get back here.