Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time for Pedicures!!

The farrier came out today. He just left a whole sweatier and richer than when he got here. $275 for 2 shoes, 3 trims, 1 half shoe.

Honey has a had a really bad verticle crack in one front foot, so I had him put shoes on the front until it grows out. She also looked a little thin to me (as opposed to the fat, waddling hippo she was this spring), so I turned her out to graze with The Kid (Bullwinkle).

Jazzy had done something rolling and her back and hips are out of whack. So until we can get a chiropractor over here, she's not being ridden. So I pulled her shoes. She's got pretty good feet anyway, so it won't hurt her to be barefoot.

Squirrel and Angel got their feet trimmed and re-shod. Squirrel is all healed from her attempted suicide, though the hair hasn't grown back yet.

Bullwinkle got trimmed up. He did really good until half way through the last foot. He did NOT want to finish. It took a few minutes to get him to settle, but my farrier is very patient and in the end, we got the foot done. Thank you Mary for all your hard work gentling this colt and getting him used to having his feet handled!

We suspect that the house behind us has sold. There are peoples over there today, and there were lights on in the house last night around 10:30. This is all new activity, so of course, we're curious about the "happenings."

Mike got home with 4 tons of hay while the farrier was working on the last horse. It's orchard grass hay with a little bit of alfalfa in it. I still need to get some straight alfalfa put for winter, but that will be a couple months down the road.

I have another blog coming about a Mosouri Fox Trotter mare that we are "test driving", and a picture, but I'll have to wait and sneak it onto the blog when Mike is gone. (He's sitting here in the room with me...) Anyway, the bottom line is, he doesn't have much horse sense, but that's ok. That'll come either later today, or tomorrow.

Barb - Hope everything is still going great with Maya. I think Mike is over his withdrawals. :O)

Candice - Hope you're having a good time with the girls!

It is stinking HOT here - supposed to be over 100 today! Guess I better get the hay unloaded before it gets any hotter!