Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jinx (You owe me a coke)

Remember that game when we were kids?

Jinx is the Missouri Fox Trotter Mare we were trying. Mike decided that the "oopsie" was his fault, not the mare's, and that we should buy her. She came with the barn name "Angel". Well, I already have one of those so we needed a new name for her. We were initially calling her Fred, but I like Jinx better. I'll try to get pics later when it's not so hot and I can get her cleaned up.

Little Mr. Bullwinkle has taken to playing with the electric tape lately. I've been lazy and had the fence off. Tonight he was having WAY too much fun, so I flipped the switch. Because the tape was partially grounded, he didn't get much of a jolt. But he DID get enough for him to leave it alone! Little Stinker! He's not being bad, he's just bored with being locked up.

Last weekend, Mike and I spray weed killer on the pasture. It'll be Saturday before it's watered in enough to turn the horses back out. I've been turning the sprinklers on in the runs so the horses have at least a few minutes of relief from the heat. They all walk out and stand in the spray, except for Millie. She hides in the barn. Whtever will she do when it rains this fall? Silly girl!

Once the weather breaks, it'll be time for beauty parlor day for EVERYONE! They need clipped and bathed and brushed. Itj's just too HOT!

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