Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's a beautiful night, so I thought I'd go for a ride. "THOUGHT" being the key word here.

I pulled Squirrel out and tied her up. I was going to wipe some fly spray on her face, but tiny pieces of rags eat horses. She pulled back and came untied. She stood there looking at me and quietly let me wipe around her eyes and on her face. Stupid horse!

I still needed to brush her, so I looped the lead rope around the rail and stepped into the tack room.

Here's where the DANG HORSE part comes in:

I'd put my cigarettes and cell phone on top of the end post. When I stepped into the tack room, Squirrel stepped forward, checked the ground from any dropped cookies (cuz you know, there just might be a cookie down there), brought her head up too close to the end of the rail, which snugged her up. She pulled, which cause my cell phone and cigs to drop, which scared her. So she's now fighting being snugged up and the horse eating cigarettes, reared, lunged forward and dang near impaled herself on the 6 inch round post.

The top of the post hit her in the middle, front of her neck, neatly shaving it down to the skin and cutting a nice slice of skin off. The end of the rail shredded her chest, shaving one spot, slicing several other spots.

And of course, she skinned her the top of her hocks because she was sliding around in the gravel, and the outside of her knee was cut.

Then there's her nose and lip. Minor in comparison, but still bleeding.

I never even got her brushed! I spent the next half hour doctoring my poor stupid horse! THEN..to top everything off, my bottle of T-Zone Cream, which I LOVE for these kinds of boo-boos, sprouted legs and walked off. (That means I forgot where I put it)

Now it's too late to ride, even if I chose another horse, and to be honest, after this trauma, I don't even WANT to ride.


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Anonymous said...

Those wipes with fly goop on them are SCARY!! My Savannah spooked when I tried to wipe her and pulled the corral post right out of the ground and drug it halfway round the corral! Luckily, she only got a little skin off her nose.