Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mike Has A Boo-boo!

We are are trying a Missouri Fox Trotter Mare (Mo Fo) as a trail horse for Mike. We are going to pass on this mare. It has NOTHING to do with the horse and EVERYTHING to do with Mike. It's too dangerous for him. He had back surgery and his back still bothers him. In addition, he doesn't know how to "read" a horse for action/reaction, and he doesn't know what to do when something happens.

On July 16, we went out for a ride, and aside from the mare sticking her nose in the butt of the horse in front of her, she did NOTHING wrong. So then, when we get home, so some reason, Mike wanted to lope the mare in the arena. To be honest, he should NEVER lope any horse, EVER, unless a bear is after him and the horse. There's just no needs. But for some reason, known only to Mike, he wanted to lope the mare.

So I followed him to the arena on Angel and stood outside. The Mo Fo mare wanted to be done and kept cutting the circle, rather than staying on the rail. So Mike gave up and headed back toward the gate.

There were two barrels laying on their side in the arena, off the rail. The horse was going where Mike pointed her, which was right toward the barrel. She looked HARD at the skeery barrels, and instead of jumping over them, did a tiny little jump to the side. (You or I would have seen that she was "looking", and either changed direction, or stopped her to let her look at them) Mike was looking from me to the horse and back, and totally did not read what was happening. So he was pitched forward onto her shoulder, and caught the horn of the saddle in the belly.

Pics of the result here.

So (since Mike is SO SO SO beginner) he just hung there, rather than sitting back in the saddle. Well, you know where his heels were. The horse got a little jumpy, like she was going to buck, then Mike sat up, pulled the mare up, and got off. She did NOTHING wrong and it wasn't her fault!

Anyway, do you know of anyone who needs a VERY nice, well broke trail horse? Been in the mountains, crossed water, looks but isn't spooky. Smooth, BROKE, sweet, easy to catch, load, bathe, nice feet, BIG mare - owners says 15.2 but I think she's taller. $900

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