Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fly Mask Rodeo

We've got flies. All of a sudden, we've got a TON of flies! In spite of the predators that we have been putting out all summer. Just all of a sudden, there are swarms on some of the horse's faces.

Millie, Honey, and Angel are the worst. They don't seem to bother the others for whatever reason.

Millie was a champ! To my knowledge, she's never had a fly mask on. She wanted to taste it. So I let her. After she spat it out, I put it on, adjusted it, no problem. Walked happily out the pasture saying "Neener neener" to the flies!

Honey wasn't really interested in the fly mask and walked off. I cornered her and she stood there quietly while I put it on and adjusted it.

Angel had flies on her face and around her eye. Poor baby. She watched me walk up with the fly mask. As soon as I tried to put it on, she sat down on her butt and scrambled away backward. I could NOT get close to her after that. She said (I heard her) "OH HELL NO!!!"

Ok FINE! Suffer!

Jazzy is gimpy today because of her trim. It's not that the farrier trimmed her too short. It's bacause she is "puss footed" and unless she has shoes on, she's tender for a while. She'll toughen up!

The other post will come...

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Barb Ollivier said...

Millie has had a fly mask since she was a little foal!! They shouldn't bother her at all!! :)