Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Land of No Poop and Dirt Boogers

That's my place. Vermillion Acres

Yesterday, I decided that I HAD to do some cleaning. I had to just suck it up, sweat a little (or a lot) and pick up the manure. I figured that I could get at least one run done before I got too hot to go any further.

Umm... NO!

Mike came out and started at the one end of the barn with the 4-wheeler and the trailer. I started at the other with the wheel barrow. An hour and half later, we were done.

Done picking up poo and done sweating. We were over-heated, filthy, and dehydrated. So we sat on the porch to cool off. It was 97 in the shade.


We were going to fill the grandson's kiddie pool, but decided to just get in the shower to cool off. It was SO DANG HOT!!

Tonight, it's hotter. 102 in the shade right now. Glad the outside chores are done. Horses are fed or turned out, water tubs refilled, and Mike (aka Cooker Bitch) has made his wonderful homemade spaghetti sauce. Kali ran to the store for some fresh, soft french bread. I'm going to make a salad and have some of the yummy basalmic vinager that Barb gave me. (Yes..surprisingly, I have some left!)

It's supposed to be hotter this weekend. A LOT hotter! When it finally cools down to 85 degrees, I'll be chilled.

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