Saturday, May 30, 2009

Note to Self (and anyone else who reads this)

Don't load your tack into the trailer in flip-flops!

Here's the story:

I was going to haul Angel and Squirrel down to Pendleton to ride with Tracy Kenyon. She is a barrel racer and ran the Pro circuit in the past. I figured I could get two ridden, and get some pointers from a pro girl! Sort of my own private clinic.

Anyway, I was loading my tack into the trailer. I was pretty much done and stepped up to hang the extra cinch on the hook. I took a step back, caught my flip-flop and fell backward out of the trailer.

So now I'm bruised and hurt, muscle spasms and twinges every time I try to move... or breathe.

My husband and I are a matched set!

So no horses get ridden today, no poop gets picked up, the arena doesn't get groomed, and the dishes don't get done.



fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Oh no...I have done stuff like that too. I am SO guilty of feeding in flip flops, something I KNOW I will live to regret and yet I do it.

Karen V said...

yep! And I turn horses out in flip-flops. I'm going to get stepped on one of these days. brings new meaning to "keeping at arms' length"