Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recovery Mode

WHAT A WEEKEND!!! Oh My! So much fun!

Friday morning, we went up to the race and watched a few. Then Candice and I came back to go for a ride. I thought I'd put her on Squirrel, who so far has given me very minor trouble. Well, there's a pony down the street and as we were riding by, Squirrel decided that ponies eat horses and lost her mind. Candice tried to get her under control and make her stand, but Squirrel was having no part of it. She did a couple little bucks, then reared. Candice decided to bail and slid down her butt. That would have been all fine, but Squirrel took a step back and stepped on Candices foot, at which point, Candice plopped over on the road and Squirrel headed for home. Candice popped back up and walked the 100 yards back home, while I followed the now loose Squirrel back to the house.

Candice had a cut on the palm of her hand, so went in to wash it up. When she came back out, she gave Squirrel another try. Little terd was having none of it, so we switched horses. From there, we had a nice little ride. Candice didn't complain about Angel beating the crap out of her, in fact, said she "wasn't that bad." Candice's horses must be REALLY rough riders!

I ended up with a migraine on Friday, which put a damper on the fun for the afternoon, but by Saturday morning, I was 100% and ready to go!

We went up to the race for a while. Then went over to the Harley store, then took a scenic drive of the Tri-Cities. (Because Candice kept "letting" me take wrong turns! LOL!!! She was so good natured about "taking the blame" for wrong turns, wrong exits, and getting lost!

We went to the BRN4D horse sale on Saturday night. I was astounded that even FINISHED barrel horses went for less than $6,000!! There was a VERY NICE 5 yr old DAUGHTER of Frenchman's Guy that was bred to Honors Abounding that no saled. She couldn't get a bid over $5,000 and was probably THE quality horse in the sale. There were a couple of nice yearlings, on the other hand, that sold for over $4,000!

By Sunday morning, the arena was HOT and MUGGY, and I didn't want another headache. I mowed the lawn, then we watch Sue Ruzicka (my friend) run her 5 yr old, then came back home. After my shower, Candice and I sat on the back porch all afternoon. It was 90 degrees, with a light breeze blowing, and neither one of us had any inclination about moving. It was pure unadulterated heaven to just sit and B.S.!

Monday was the last day of the barrel race and we spent most of the day at the arena. It has cooled down in there and was actually very pleasant, except for the hard metal benches. We left only to go to lunch with Sue, and take Mike some food. (He'd wrenched his back and was "crippled" on the couch.

After the race, we watched the Top 20 Championship Race. WHAT A HORSE RACE!!! The "normal" GOOD time in that arena was a 17.1. The top three finishers ran 16.812, 16.854, and 16.986! It was AMAZING!

Candice left this morning to head for home. Her flight was, of course, at 6:35 am. I rolled past the terminal, opened the door and pushed her out, then came home and went back to bed. (Just kidding....I stopped the car) LOL!

When I find the camera, I will take pictures of all the "kids". They are all looking AMAZING!!!

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