Friday, May 8, 2009


I know...I'm such a slacker! I haven't written anything in a week. But you know..every post started sounding like the one before it. Like a broken record. Today isn't going to be much different.

Every one is fine. The skinny are gaining weight and looking better. The gimpy are still gimpy. The fat are still fat.

Our neighbor, Rex, is an 89 yr old widower who putters. He's been puttering with his rototiller. And today, he got it working. So to test it out, he rototilled our arena. I'm going to start riding again. Start working the sound. Start working the barrels.

Mike, the "Cooker Bitch Super Honey", decided with his promotion bonus, he's going to put a down payment on a tractor. So the tractor dealer brought over two tractors for us to try. We did some work in the runs, we drove around the pasture. Either one will work. I don't see it happening though. But hey, gotta let the man try, right? *sigh*

I got new tires on the truck today. That's what we spent our tax money on. They are DESPERATELY needed! However, the dealer found out AFTER we dropped off the truck, that our truck won't fit on their alignment machine. So we have to take it to a place that works on BIG trucks, and they aren't open on the weekend. Perfect! I was rather irritated, but Mike was the one that had to deal with them. (Lucky for them!)

There was a barrel race at the equestrian facility one street over. So I saddle up Angel and rode until dark. It was fun, but I find myself tensing in my lower leg, which makes my knees ache. I NEED to take lessons on my horse. I ride her like crap! I won't even START on the incident with Pam, but know this...I was highly irritated, though not really surprised. She's a hag! I'll leave it at that.

So I came home, started typing and climbed into my closet.

Ah...The Closet... What's that mean? A year and a half ago, I started a new job. I was MISERABLE! I hated it! I cried every night for a week! I posted on a Discussion Board that I was going to get a bottle of booze and a blanket and got sit in my closet with the light off. I am now known for the Fat Spotted Donkey (my appy Angel) and The Closet. least I'm known for something.

Barb O has been to my closet. Cathy has been to my closet. Nikki is going to come visit my closet. Candice (from Minnesota) is coming to stay at my closet for a WHOLE WEEK! WOOT! She'll be here May 20th! We've been planning this since last September!!! We've talked on the phone a few times, but mostly we chat via e-mail. But I feel like I've known her forever! (Even though she talks funny...) Just kidding probably think I talk funny too!

So now I'm done rambling and am heading off to the bath.

Nikki - thank you again for everything. I can't wait to meet you!

Barb O - I love you Dollface! Hope you dodged the bullet! I've still got the snake in case you're interested.

Candice - 12 MORE DAYS!! My God! How will we ever make it!!! Don't forget your boots!

Steve - the place is still for sale.... Neighbor's cute house next door won't be rented though....

AMY - How's everything? Got the new place sewn up yet? Isn't property ownership great?

Mary - It'll be ok. He'll be safe. Wouldn't have chosen me if you didn't believe that.

Cathy - Do you EVER sleep?


moosefied said...

He will be much happier and less naughty, the more exercise he gets.

Also, he pays attention better when the task keeps changing. He gets bored quickly, and then he acts up just for entertainment's sake.

And he likes horse toys. Small logs, stall balls, lengths of garden hose, cardboard boxes without staples.

And he likes to rest his head on your back while you pick his feet.

I think he has a heart of gold, but brass balls, in his mind at least.

Nikker said...

I am preparing for my trip to the closet right now! (once I get home from Blackfoot.) What kind of beverages do we consume in such a place...I don't want to come empty handed!

Barb Ollivier said...

Too late for the snake, unfortunately. I returned from that ridiculous conference late thursday night. I will never go again, they can find themselves another sucka!!

How are you?? You still thinking about heading over this way?

Miss you honey!!!

Karen V said...

moosefied - ROAD TRIP! You can come see him anytime! He'll be making an appearance on here soon.

Nikker - Bring whatever you like. We have Carolan's Irish Cream, vodka (for Barb and bloody marys), Captain Morgans, Pineapple Rum, Mango Rum. Beer What ever! The store isn't that far away....

Barb - I was thinking Friday, May 29. I was thinking of bringing the Squirrel girl. Need a place to put her, though...

Drsgjunky said...

Are you going to get the tractor?? You know you'll never regret it.

I see the place is still for sale. We actually want something smaller. We're at one horse (the OTTB) and a Mini at this time.

I need to make a speed run over the mountains and soak up some sunshine.