Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday Off

It was a BEAUTIFUL day! It was about 70 degrees by the afternoon, bright and sunny!

After feeding the babies their breakfast, I went for a ride with Pam. I rode Deuce, a horse that Pam is trying to sell. He's a half brother to Pam's good horse Duck. He's a six yr old, 16 hands sorrel gelding. She wants $5,000 for him. He's a really nice ride!

We went up a canyon on an old ranch access road just above the Wallula Junction. The view is amazing! We didn't see any wildlife, but the wildflowers are blooming. Just beautiful!

When I got back, I brushed horses until Mike called me in to eat. He's made steamed rice, teriyaki beef and sauteed onions. It was delicious!

Yesterday was also my gramma birthday! We bought some flowers in the color of pink that she loves and went over and sat with her for an hour. She is very frail but she was having a good day. She knew I "belonged to her" but could remember my name. I let it go.

Dobbs is dead lame in the front. I suspect it's an abscess, bu not sure. He was bad last Sunday, improved some over the week, but was really bad this morning. He WON'T stand for a bucket to soak his foot in and I don't have a soaker boot.

The farrier come this morning to shorten some feet.

Classy is about 50% shed out. Either she has sleek summer coat, or long fuzz. There's no in between.

Yesterday, there was a stray dog hanging around. We've given her shelter until her "mom" comes looking for her. She's a young adult female Blue Heeler, well cared for, well trained. A VERY nice dog! Someone loves this girl and is looking for her.

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