Friday, May 29, 2009

The Poopy Moose

Literally! Bullwinkle has taken to napping in the "toilet". As such, he is covered in poop - face, neck, shoulder, belly...all of him is covered in poop. And he naps a LOT!!

Squirrel was a little stinker today during work on the barrels, but she's getting it. I just need to get past the fear that she'll buck. Or...maybe I can send her to someone for a week or so to get her "over it."

I went through the calendar and marked barrel races I want to enter. Not that I will, but I WANT!

Thai has a new boo-boo on her front ankle. It looks like Classy was being witchy. So I doctored it and it's not swollen or sore, so she's out with her bestest buddy Honey. They really get along very well.

Jazzy also has a boo-boo, naturally, right where the cinch goes. I'll swear...the things they do to themselves and each other!

It's another beautiful day. We should reach 95 today. I'm glad I got my riding done early today!

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