Thursday, May 28, 2009

Got three ridden

(Sorry Candice.....too tired to re-type.)

I was VERY ambitious today!!! I actually rode three today!

Jazzy - She is so awesome! I saddled her and turned her loose in the arena. She bucked around like she'd never been saddled before. Then I got on her. She dropped her head and walked quietly. She is so totally suited for Western Pleasure. Nice low natural head-set, slow walk and jog. I didn't lope...just walked and jogged. She was such a good girl! I rode for about 20 minutes and she was just starting to break a sweat!

Squirrel - Same thing...saddled her and turned her loose. She was confused at what I wanted her to do, but did run around a little bit. Then I got on and started her on the pattern. Walking through, walk the rail - about 4 times. Then trot that pattern, walk the rail. By the end of 30 minutes, she was trotting through and had a decent pattern. I'm not totally sure she "gets" it, but she's easy to steer. I'm really excited about her!

Angel - We walked around for the duration of time it took me to smoke. Then walked, trotted, loped the pattern. Then I made a "RUN". I'd forgotten to put my barrel reins on. I was using super long stretchy white ones. I even dropped the reins going into the first. Didn't matter! She remembered and had a great pattern! I just love that little Boo!


Nikker said...

Good for you!! Its soooo hard to keep up with more than one saddle horse! I rode one, ponied one yesterday. Made me feel like I got something done! LOL!!

Karen V said...

It would have been a LOT easier to pony one, but I really needed to throw my leg over. (Except for Angel - that was just for fun!)

hope4more said...

LOL...that's okay :)

I figured out how to get my computer here to let me leave you a note finally. This thing is so tempermental!

Way to go! You're defenitely motivating me to get out and ride.