Monday, April 27, 2009

and...we're back to winter

I said I wouldn't whine about the weather, but once again, I fed with my winter coat on. It is wintery and blustery and it sucks! So there! :oP

I went into the kitchen and asked Mike "How much do you love me?" He replied "What did you do and how much is it going to cost me." Geez! A girl can't ask a simple questions that there should only be one answer to...

Thai continues to look horrible. She is off all feed and supplements except hay and pasture. I'm getting bag of orchard grass pellets and will start feeding mush. She WILL however, have full and free access to the pasture. She ignored her alfalfa pellets and hay in favor of the fresh grass. Well fine...I guess tonight after dark, she'll have something to munch on. This weekend, I'll turn Honey out with her.

Classy continues to shed and looks like a mutant, but she has sleek summer hair under the pelt and tufts that come off. She is an eating machine. She is on 8 pounds of senior feed, hay, and as of tonight, free access to pasture.

I had also worried about grass founder, but a friend tells me that Thoroughbreds rarely founder and putting them out on grass would be safe and would fatten them up better than anything. out they go!

Dobbs is penned up. He came in from the pasture lame. By Sunday night, he could barely walk. I'm thinking the little monkey has an abcess. He's better tonight, so we'll see. He will have no part of soaking in a bucket and I don't have a soaker boot. I put a poltice on his foot that is supposed to draw out an abcess, but until then, he looks like he's wearing slippers. And by the way, horses CAN look embarrassed.

Millie is doing fine. She is next to Classy, who is VERY put out by having to live next to the brat. Millie pretty much ignores Classy's huffing and puffing, and remains her sweet perky little self.

Honey and Jazzy are out in the arena. I penned up Jazzy tonight because she bullies Honey away from the feed. So Honey will get to eat ALL her supper without worrying about the boss hag running her off. Plus I can better control Jazzy's feed intake. She tends to be an easy keeper.

Angel and Squirrel - aka Tub and Chub - are on diets. They get fat breathing...I SWEAR they do! that everyone? I think so... there should be eight names...

I found some great orchard grass hay, 110 lb bales, for $8/bale. There's a little bit of alfalfa, but it's really hard to find. The guy has about 20 ton left, so if a couple of you mossy folks from the west side of Washington want to throw in together and get a semi-load, let me know and I'll give you his number.

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fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Oh, I wish I could afford a semi load - that's a great price!

The grass will be good for Thai. Hey, that's major progress that her diarrhea cleared up - she was such a mess when I was there. She has a lot of bad care to work through her system and I'm sure she'll be looking good by midsummer.