Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A NEW PROJECT!!! But first....

I'll get to the new project, but first, an update about me...

I didn't realise so many people read my blog. (blushing) Ok, not blushing, but still, I'm surprised.

Last week, my gramma (who is 94 years old) fell and broke her hip. She had surgery the day before Thanksgiving and was very relieved that we all had the "family thing" to do away from the hospital so she could finally get some rest. She was moved to the rehabilitation home on Saturday and is doing well.

Mike and I left Monday morning for the Oregon Coast. Newport, OR to be exact. We had three day of nothing to do and all day to do it. It was very relaxing! We actually made it to the beach to get sand on our shoes on our way home. not much of an update, oh well

NOW <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Cathy rescued a horse that was abandoned by it owner at a breeding farm. The whole story is kind of wierd, but that's for her to decifer.

So Cathy asks me Friday night (via e-mail) "Do you want a boarder for a month or so?" I said "Sure". Sunday morning, Kerrie arrived with "Thai's My Mama" (Or something like that.) A 23 yr old sorrel mare with the SWEETEST little face, who has been eating NON-STOP since she got here. "Mama" is SKINNY! In the pictures I got, (and that Cathy got) she didn't look too bad. When she arrived, she'd lost 200 pounds. (That's my guess, it might not be that much) Mama's left hind leg is also PUFFY - looks like she's wearing a fuzzy leg warmer, though she isn't lame on it.

UPDATE - I swiped the photo from Cathy, because she had one and I didn't. She is THE sweetest thing and has the most darling face! Cathy is going with "Thai", cuz this mare is done being a "mama"

So anyway...there you have it...a quick update and word about Thai!


fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Karen, you rock for taking in my new cutie-pie! I can't wait to meet her but I know there is nowhere she will get back to weight faster than your house.

hope4more said...

Awesome Karen! Your the best at getting them fed properly. Can't wait to see a pic of her.

I hope Grams is doing well!

Anonymous said...

She IS a cutie! Keep us posted as we *might* be interested in a few months. But then, we'll be looking for a small horse or a pony for the kids to ride.