Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why is it....?

I ALWAYS feel so much better when the barn and runs are clean?

They really weren't all THAT dirty, but as I was putting the electric tapes back up and closing stall doors, I looked out across the runs and felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment....


Dobbs and Millie were turned out together in the first run. Dobbs is the "Ladies Man", not really caring who he's turned out with, though he likes sorrels best. Millie spent a few minutes playing and running with Angel, who was in the next run.

It was pretty short lived because both were STARVING and set to finding grass right away. Dobbs just rolled his eyes and started grazing straight off!

Squirrel is on the other side of Angel and I think she ran down and then back and that was enough! Time to eat!

Jazzy and Honey were is the last run. These two girls entertained me for most of the time I was out raking and shoveling. I'd hear the thuder of their hoof beats and have to stop and watch. They spent almost an hour playing! Then they stood up by the gate and did the mutual wither scratching thing that horses do.

I came into the house and ate a late lunch (who knew it would take me almost 4 hours!) and took a shower. The "kids" all had their late lunch before me and are now taking their afternoon naps.

**SIGH** It's been a GREAT day!

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Anonymous said...

I always feel a great sense of accomplishment from doing manual labor. Never the same experience doing typing or computer work or whatever.