Saturday, December 20, 2008

Needing to do some personal bragging...

I know I'm not the only one who got hit with the brutal wind and cold. We didn't get a whole lot of snow, but it's been cold.

My husband, Mike, usually doesn't do much out in the barn nor is he very involved with the feeding.

He didn't drain the hose so it froze, and I had to carry buckets, and it was SO COLD!!

On Monday, he came home early from work and pulled the hose into the garage to thaw, and used the compressor to blow out the ice. Then he hauled the hose out to top off water. He hauled buckets of water to Angel and Thai.

Starting on Wednesday, he hauled water in the mornings and has fed the horses for me. When I get up, I just have to go out, double check, then come back in. It totally cuts down on the time it takes me in the mornings.

Thursday night, it felt warm (or at least warmer than it has been) and I cleaned three stalls. He was the one that pushed the wheelbarrow through the snow to dump it.

This morning, he let me sleep until 8 am. I've been fighting a cold and have been feeling like crap. So he let me sleep in, fed and watered the horses, AND went next door to feed the neighbor's horses while she's out of town.

One of the automatic waterers has frozen, apparently the heater in it isn't working. He called and ordered new heaters and they're here, but the dang thing is frozen almost completely solid so we can't install it until it thaws out a little. Hopefully, it will be before spring. We just need a couple days above freezing, please?

He's just been so good to me this week! I always joke that "Sometimes he's great to have around, and sometimes I just don't have the energy to dig the grave." It's still true, but this week, he's great to have around!

I love you Mike!


trailblazer said...

He's a keeper!

My first horse was at my parent's house as I was just a teenager. So when I got this horse a couple of years ago, I had to start over with a barn, turnout, the works. We are still working on pasture. We had a garage built the same time (if you are going into debt, do it well!), and had water and electricity put underground to it. While we had the electrician, plumber and backhoe that day, I also had them make a sharp left and keep digging! We had a water hydrant put in the barn along with electricity. Best move I've made in a long time. I remember hauling water to the barn as a kid and decided that if I had the opportunity, I would make life easier for myself. Thirty years later, I'm patting myself on the back - not icepacking it. :) The hydrant goes straight down under the frost line, so it doesn't freeze up. The water drains straight down after each use.

My hubby isn't "horsey" either. But he has made an attempt to have a relationship with my horse. Now Fancy equates husband with treats. Not a bad thing. He worked his butt off on the barn and turnout, so I am glad that Fancy at least gives him some attention and love. I rarely ask for help, but when he sees me moving hay, shavings, grain or manure, he pitches in. I think it helps that I don't expect it, so it's appreciated. I imagine it is the same with your husband, too.

I laughed out loud when I read your comment:

I always joke that "Sometimes he's great to have around, and sometimes I just don't have the energy to dig the grave."

I'll have to remember that line. Luckily, hubby didn't ask what I was laughing about. Gotta love them.

Anonymous said...

If that frozen water is in an area that gets sunlight, you might want to try putting black plastic over it, so some heat will accumulate and the plastic will "greenhouse" it. Might help it thaw a little faster.


Karen V said...

You can see the waterer in the pictures of Honey from 4-10-08. (link below)

My stalls are on the north side of the barn, which is open sided. They froze because the temperature was 6 degrees with a north wind blowing, AND because there's probably slobber sludge in there. We just didn't get the reservoir clean enough to compensate. Lessons learned for us. We're going to have to wait until it warms up some.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Mike!

CP helps out at the barn when he can. However, he avoids hay. We've discovered that he's allergic. As in, has seizures allergic. He makes sure to take allergy meds before we go to the barn and this allergy is what made finding full care board important. I really struggle with a 3-string bale and the hay dust in the back of the truck (has canopy) is not a happy either. I am quite happy to settle for him getting up with the dogs on weekends or when I don't feel well.

Karen V said...

Mike had back surgery in 2001. He can't lift like he used to. So, last year, we installed an electric hoist in the barn, mounted on the rafters with a track. We lift, move, and place the bales easily, with little hay disturbed to cause sneezing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

Hope ya'll are doing well with our crazy weather and all. Merry Christmas!