Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Computer Nazis are on to me....

The computer nazis at work are on to me and have blocked all sites. So I can't read or post ANYTHING for my blog, FHoTD, VLC, or anything else.


So what that means is that I can only reply to comments from home. AND...I probably won't be able to post any pictures because for whatever reason, my home computer won't upload them into blogger.

I will have them in my photobucket and post links to them.

Stupid, dirty, rotten, control freak, computer nazis!!!!


hope4more said...

Oh no...CRAP! What are you gonna do? That sucks.

Karen V said...

Not going to post at work. That blows though cuz a LOT happens during the day! WAAAAAHHH!

The rain has started...supposed to turn into snow later this afternoon. Hopefully it won't.

Thai's leg is looking a LOT better. Still swollen, but at least now it has shape.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think Thai's leg had shape before. Round is a shape after all, just not leg shaped!

Karen V said...

LOL! Yes..round IS a shape!

Thai actually was playing with Millie this morning. It was good to see!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

I really think whoever invented WebSense is related to Satan. I will never take another job that has that!

Just get a Treo or a Blackberry and you can post comments. I can't post new blogs but I can post comments!

Anonymous said...

And the iPhones allow you to fully use Wordpress. I imagine you could access blogger as well.