Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sloppy, soggy mess!

Since 9:00 am yesterday, it's been 40 degrees or above. The south wind brought us a Chinook Wind, and everything is mostly melted off.

THAT means, the horses are walking in slop. All except Honey, who's pen is on high ground. Thank God we put in a ditch 2 years ago, about 20 feet from the barn. The water collect there, rather than running into the stalls.

Thai has the nasty habit of pooping and peeing in her stall, so even though I cleaned it yesterday, it's a mucky mess. Luckily, the ground under the mat is higher, so at least I have a dry place to throw her hay.

I cleared a channel this morning, so the ditch will drain, but I have a feeling that my neighbor is going to be pissed at me. The gunky water all drains to her back pasture. Oh well, liquid fertilizer, right?

Thai's leg is still swollen, and every couple of day breaks open and oozes gunk. But she is fattening up nicely, and is feeling good. I thouht briefly about turning them out on the pasture but with there still being snow out there, I figure someone will either fall and hurt themselves, or they'll tear the pasture up. Beside, there's nothing exposed for them to even nibble on.

So, everyone is stuck in the slop. Hopefully, we'll have a week or so of warmer weather and things will dry out some before it freezes again.

Thai and Angel's waterer is thawing, but not enough for us to work on. So I still haul water.

For your enjoyment pleasure, I find this video pretty fun to watch. Here's the Romanian version with words. And here's the English version.



Anonymous said...

Ick! The rain melted all our snow off yesterday. We've got a muddy mess out back and the lawn is all tore up from the dogs (not their fault) and the slop.

Hopefully Thai's leg will finish oozing soon and start the mending process...

hope4more said...

Hey sounds like things warmed up for you...good in some respects bad for others like the mud. Still cold here and we got more snow over Christmas. Ugh.