Friday, December 19, 2008

Ah HA~A clue!!!

The other night I was out hauling water and I noticed what looked like blood dribbled down the outside of Thai's bum leg. Upon close inspection, I found this.

This is a new development. I didn't feel any bumps or scabs when Thai first got here. Her leg is still swollen, though not as bad, but it's not back to normal yet. I squeezed above and below the boo-boo, but no puss came out.

And through the whole thing, Thai stood like a lady and watched me out of the corner of her eye. She didn't move a muscle.

Last night when I went out to recheck, it had scabbed over. So I gave her some scratches on her throat, just above her chest. She's got some small scabs there under the fuzz. This sweet little thing is a contortionist!!


Anonymous said...

Just because something wasn't found before doesn't mean something wasn't there. Scab could have healed up, fell off and gone un-noticed. Or, the cut/scab could be up above quite a bit and the infection just traveled to that part of her leg. And, being a prey animal, her nature would be to hide injuries and illnesses. (Birds are the worst at doing that! You never know they're sick until they're ready to fall over dead!).

What about heat packing her owie to see what happens? If there's pus in there, it should help draw it out.

Question.... How tall is Thai?

Karen V said...

She's about 15.2-ish. She's not little, but she's a little sway backed due to lack of conditioning and having babies, so it's deceiving. Plus, I'm not good at judging height. She's taller at the whithers than my 15.0 appy.

Her whole leg is swollen. There isn't "one place" where there's a pocket that can be voided. I just keep it open and it has been draining.

Anonymous said...

15.2 is a bit too tall for what I was thinking. Ah well! Maybe we'll be buying horse property sooner rather than later...

I tend to not "fall in love" with mares, but there seems to be something special about Thai.