Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Pigs and The Priss

I told myself that I wasn't going to do any terd herding this weekend, due to the fact that the weather was supposed to be horrible. (And THANK YOU Candice for the term "Terd Herding" - LOVE IT!!!)

But I got bored. So out I went and got busy and picked up a LOT of POOP! And I noticed that all the horses are PIGS, except Angel. I mean dirty, rotten, poop in their stalls PIGS! Apparently that is my punishment for locking them off the pasture. It's as if their thoughts are "If I can have pasture, you have to clean stalls."

Except for Angel, my little Priss! She walk 20 feet out of the barn to poop. Further than that to pee. She doesn't lay down to nap unless the dirt is VERY dry. Her white socks are even WHITE. She stretches out so far to pee and poop it's amazing how she stays standing up. If she were human, she'd be the popular little blonde girl with big boobs, manicured nails, hair "just so", wearing clothes that are the height of fashion, who prances rather than runs. She squeals at the boys and tosses her hair, umm, tail too. Such a priss!

But the chores are done, the horses are back in their "beds" napping, I have a full belly (Mike made turkey sammiches and Bean N Bacon soup - YUM!), the blog is updated and I'm off to the shower.

*sigh* Life is good!

God Bless and hug your horses!

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