Sunday, December 14, 2008

WINTER is here....

It's 18 degrees with 10 mph wind out of the north! Not so bad if you're not out in it, but my oh my, walking in the wind is brutal! So far, everyone is dealing with the temperature with no problems! In fact, they are all out on the "napping" grounds in the weather. I think they'll live!

Thai update - Thai played a little yesterday, VERY LITTLE. A three strided lope and a half-hearted buck. That's it.

Her leg is now "leg shaped", rather than round shaped. (Thank you very much Oregonsunshine for pointing out that "round" is also a shape.) It is still a little swollen, but the size has reduced to "puffy", rather than "monstrous"! Make sense?

I am SO glad that I got the poop picked up yesterday! Now I can relax until the thaw! (Or until next weekend...)

Stay warm and hug your horses.


fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Awww! Hey, that's cool that she felt good enough to lope. I'm so excited to meet her but I know she is in good hands with you until I do.

Anonymous said...

Now Karen, I was just being silly when I pointed out that round was a shape!

I am glad that Thai's leg looks better and that she felt good enough to lope. I'm also hoping that the cold snap we're all having helps her leg more, by working like a cold pack. Something like that happened with my dog and I (both have arthritis) when we lived in Alaska. The general cold outside helped with inflammation. Maybe it will help speed Thai's healing too.

2toads2luv said...

Hey Karen, Glad Thai's leg is looking better. I was thinking the same thing as OS... Hopefully our little artic weather acts like a round the clock cold compress, getting the leg back into leg shape quicker.

It's 5 degrees and blowing about 15 mph with about 5 inches of snow up here. Brrr! But all the animals are choosing to be out in it, instead of their beds, so even though I bundle like the abominable snowman, they're obvisoulsy just fine!