Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wake up! The baby's gone!

Those are the words I woke up to on Sunday morning. Bullwinkle had pushed through the little gate that fronts his stall, and gone out the side door of the barn, which was left open for air.

I trailed him to the back of the property, then alone the back, where there's a three foot gap between our fence and our neighbors. I looked down the property, and there he was, way down by Shyanna and Doodle.

I turned off the fence and went and caught him. Sweet little monkey cam right to me and follow right along with me until we got to where Kaci was penned. Kaci is an ass! He charged the baby, and would have bitten him had the fence not been there.

Mike came out and fed Kaci, which diverted his interest long enough for me to get Bullwinkle out from behind the property, and back to his stall. We spent an hour repairing the gate.

Surprisingly, Heddy, who was right next to Bullwinkle, didn't show much interest. I would have figured since she just recently weaned her own baby, she'd mother up to Bullwinkle. NOPE! She mothered up to Honey.

So far, the only mare than HASN'T charged at Bullwinkle, has been Shyanna. So the TB mares went out to pasture, and Shyanna will spend the next week "babysitting".

Another observation about Joy...She ONLY likes Angel. PERIOD. Not negotiable! I tried turning her out with Honey and Heddy. She squealed and kicked at them. She squealed and kicked at Shyanna and Doodle. I turned Angel out with her, she trotted over, sniffed noses, and then joined Angel grazing.

Funny how the horses pair off. Shyanna and Doodle. Kaci and Jazzy. (Actually, Jazzy could care less as long as she's eating) Honey and Heddy.

Bullwinkle is the sweetest little dude! Mike has fallen in love with him. It's going to be very hard for him to say goodbye to the little guy!

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