Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All's quiet....

Not much going on around the place lately. We had the "turnout rodeo" over the weekend, with Joy and Kaci posturing and squealing.

I moved everyone back to their runs, with Joy having full access to her pasture. I turned the irrigation on and sat on the porch watching Joy play. She got all snakey necked, put her lips around the nozzle, rolled in the dirt, and obviously enjoyed herself thoroughly. When she decided she'd had enough, I reset the sprinklers.

Joy is maintaining weight good and doesn't seem to be so itchy. Her eyes are still giving her troubles but the ointment seems to give her some relief.

She got a day at the beauty parlor...a vigorous brushing, untangled the knots in her tail. I swear I could hear her moaning with pleasure. She leans into the brushing like a cat.

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ORSunshine said...

Hey Karen,

I bet Cathy would love to see pics of Joy playing in the sprinklers! I know I would!

I hosed my Charlie horse off last night after we worked. He loves the hose and was arching his neck and moving his body around to get just the right spot. When I went to wet down his face, he started drinking out of the hose!