Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sigh...happy at last!

For the last week, since I brought Honey and Heddy home, Joy has been out on pasture, but over the fence from "The Girls". They've squealed and postured, but also whinnied and nickered.

Today, I opened the gate and turned them all in together.

It's like a TB mare retirement reunion. All three are grazing together in their own little herd. Naturally, Joy is the boss mare. She's got the two "youngsters" whipped into shape and they defer to her. This opens up a little over an acre to turn two other horses out.

Joy's euthanasia is temporarily on hold, though it will happen before the cold of winter sets in. She would be so miserable. I just don't think she could make it through winter.

Bullwinkle, VLC's colt, was delivered to his new mom yesterday. He is living in an awesome home, with a great mom to fuss and worry over him. Mary is consulting everyone who will talk to her to "make sure she does everything right". It warms my heart to see someone so concerned about the little dude. Even the barn owner was fretting over the fact that his stool was a little loose. (Cause by the stress of a 4 hour ride in the big scary trailer.)


ORSunshine said...

Joy has often been in my thoughts the last couple weeks while my computer was in for repair. I was filled with dread when I did finally get it back and came to check your blog.

I'm glad everyone is doing well. Wish I could've gone to Boise with you as that's where my in-laws live. (Yes, we get along). And I'd have treated you to Maggie Moo's!

Karen V said...

The drive was LONG, but uneventful! My daughter went with me to keep me company. I sat and talked to Bullwinkle's mom for about 45 minutes. She even had the cutest little fly mask for him. He's in a wonderful home and he'll be well cared for. I was sort of hoping that she'd decide to sell him. I'd have bought him in a second! (As IF I need any more horses..!!!)