Monday, August 4, 2008

Silly Old Mare!

It was sweltering by the time I got home tonight.! OK, so it was only 90, but after a week in the mid- to low-80s, it felt HOT!

So I turned on the sprinklers in the pasture, specifically, in Joy's run, because there are a couple spots that are dry.

The silly old mare stood in the sprinklers, shaking her head, letting it shoot the stream down the side of her belly, looking very pleased with herself and totally enjoying it. Then she walked up to the dry lot and rolled in the dirt. She came up looking like a mud ball!

Then she trotted over to the sprinkler again to wash it all off. She was lipping at the stream of water and got most of the dirt off and went and rolled again. It was a little harder for her to get up the second time.

Then she went out and grazed across the fence from her buddy Angel.


ORSunshine said...


Will you please post a couple recent pics of Joy again?

Karen V said...

I'll try to take some tomorrow. The latest ones I have were of her out grazing at the end of June, before I roached her mane.

I DO need to get new photos, though. I'll get them tomorrow night.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Well, now you know what to do to make her happy! I bet that did feel good in the heat.