Sunday, August 17, 2008

All's well in Hades!

It is so HOT. 103 degrees yesterday. 107 today. I turn on the sprinklers and all the horses just stand there and graze. It's too hot to even play in the water.


Shyanna, the little paint mare that came to me starving, has regained most of the weight she lost and is ready to go back to work. Her top-line still leaves a lot to be desired, but that will fill in when she starts getting exercise. I can't believe one of her former owners though she was breeding quality. She is crooked legged, and WHOA...what do you know? Her babies were crooked legged also! But she's very patient and sweet. When it cools off, I'll be starting her on the barrel pattern to hopefully give her a skill so she can be marketable.

Doodle (aka Redman) - His neck and shoulders are covered with swollen, itchy bumps, a reaction to insect bites. Poor spray does NOTHING to give him relief. He has stifle weakness, and needs daily exercise. However, he's had a week off due to the heat.

Kaci - This is THE coolest horse. He looks really good as far as body weight and is ready to go back to work.

Angel - She's fat as a tick and ready to pop.

Jazzy - She caught her front left pastern on the hot tape and cut the back and inside of her pastern. She is what I call a "scar maker"..if you don't catch a boo-boo immediately, you're going to have proud flesh. Guess what...we got it. I soaked and abraded the area, and treated it, and this morning, it's all back. it's growing faster than I can treat it. I don't know what else to do. I have a product called Mule Magic, but it's VERY caustic and burns. If I start using it, I won't be able to get near her, she'll know that it burns. Right now, I'm slathering Rain Maker on it to keep is moist and soggy, then after an hour, using warm water and a wash cloth to rub the scabs off. Anyone have any ideas?

JOY - Joy is doing as well as can be expected. He eyes bother her, and her ankle cause her pain. She is on B-L Solution am and pm, but still gimps around.

Honey and Heddy come home next weekend. I am heading to Seattle on Thursday, picking up two horses and delivering them to the Portland area for a friend. On the way back to Seattle on Friday, I'm picking up a colt called Bullwinkle for his new owner, who lives in Boise, ID. He will stay with me in Seattle overnight. Saturday, I'm going to the SAFE benefit show to watch Honey. I'm SO excited to see her in action! After the show, I'll pick up Heddy and the colt and head home. The colt will stay with me to a week, then I'll deliver him to Boise.

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