Thursday, August 14, 2008

10 O'clock and...GEEZ! It's STILL hot!

It's still 80 degrees out there!

I came home, grabbed the camera, turned on the sprinklers and waited for Joy to begin her funny play time.

She marched smartly to the barn and promptly took a nap. I tried enticing her out. No luck. She stood in the barn for the 75 minutes it took for the two irrigation lines in her pasture to run through, then went out and started grazing.


It's supposed to be around 100 tomorrow. I'll try again.

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ORSunshine said...

It was 100 today and due to be 104 tomorrow. At 10 o'clock, I went to the barn where we board and turned Charlie out into the round pen for the night. It had just had the sprinklers going in it. He promptly rolled in the mud. I'm sure it felt really, really good!

None of the pastures here have shade and he's a dark, dark bay. I've been keeping him inside during the day so he doesn't roast.

I'm sure Joy knew you were coming with the camera! I hope she gives you a chance to catch some pics of her playing. It's good to be able to build beautiful memories.