Saturday, August 23, 2008

Busting at the seams....

Good Lordy! We are FULL!

I got home last night with Honey, Heddy and Bullwinkle. We are so over-the-top full, I have to use the neighbor's pasture to house every one.

Bullwinkle is here just until next weekend, but for the next week, he's in the barn next to Jazzy. He is trying to mother up with her, and she is have NO part of him.

Honey and Heddy are out at the neighbor's on the front pasture.

Doodle, my sorrel gelding, is out on the back pasture, having given up his stall to Bullwinkle. I turned his "girl" (Shyanna) out with him, but she can go back to the barn tonight.

Joy is still here. I need to touch base with Cathy to find out what happening with her. I may move her over to the pasture with Honey and Heddy. It's big enough for the three girls to spread out and not fuss at each other.

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